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312 18th Jul, 2020

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                         Norman Reedus plays protagonist Sam, Guillermo Del Toro appears to be a government agent for BRIDGES working for the United Cities of America (many speculate that BRIDGES is a government department with links to the game’s theme of ‘ropes’, with ties to the connections between players, or even time and dimensions) and Hannibal star Mads Mikkelsen is a mysterious soldier decked in what appears to be WWII garb who controls a skeleton army with puppet-style strands, who are in pursuit of Del Toro’s (worried looking) character.

Kojima hasn’t been stingy with Death Stranding trailers, dropping a number of teasers and extended cinematic looks at the game since its first announcement three years ago at E3. That first trailer (and a crowd going wild for Kojima) is below and features the first time we came to see the star of Death Stranding, Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead fame, as a naked and hunched over Sam.

Title: Death Stranding
Composer: Ludvig Forssell
Engine: Decima
Writer: Hideo Kojima; Hitori Nojima
Genre: Action-adventure game
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